How Are the Children?

  By Artina Dozier-Gage Healthy Children, Healthy Community: the importance of connecting the dots… There’s a greeting that is used by communities in Africa upon entering one another’s village;... continue reading.

How Sumi Does It

By Artina Dozier-Gage Schweitzer Fellow Sumi Dey’s humanitarian work through her project How to Overcome Vaccine Hesitancy in Underserved Populations in Detroit has had so much success with increasing... continue reading.

My Heart Story

By Dennis Archambault I have had the opportunity to observe several surgical procedures, from the first transplantation of five digits in a human hand and the meticulous reconstruction of... continue reading.

What’s Your Heart Story?

By Artina Dozier-Gage In recognition of Heart Health Month we are initiating a campaign. We want to hear from you. We’re inviting you to share your stories surrounding the... continue reading.