Office of Fiscal Management

Authority Health manages a $13-million dollar operating budget of which the majority comes from federal funds. Authority Health operates under a balanced budget governance philosophy with a fiscal year beginning October 1. Each year our board Budget and Finance Committee recommends the operating budget to the full board of directors for approval. The Budget and Finance Committee meets on a quarterly basis to review the financial health of the organization.

In 2019 we began offering primary care services, which provides a new source of revenue. In addition to supporting our mission and vision, over time this new stream of revenue should yield additional unrestricted funds and contribute to the overall sustainability of the organization.


Since inception Authority Health has received clean audits. We attribute this success to meeting our goal of developing, maintaining and reporting sound financial and internal control structures in compliance with internal policies and GAAP, while meeting fiduciary and regulatory guidelines.


The finance department employs competent and caring business professionals who are innovative, resourceful, collaborative and helpful in facilitating the management and accountability of Authority Health resources. We emphasize a service-oriented team approach to meeting the financial needs of our operational areas, our board of directors, granting agencies, auditors and others who may have a vested interest in the financial activity of the organization.

Corliss Beard

Chief Financial Officer

Neha Kasalkar

Director of Finance

Tips for Good Fiscal Health

Take the 1% Saving Challenge with a Purpose. Saving for the future made easy in 3 steps — here’s how!


Open a savings account


Give that information to the payroll department and automatically move 1% of your income into this account via the direct deposit method per pay period.


Set it and forget it! In other words, do not withdraw any money from this account, as you have just designated it for your future

Congratulations — you are now saving with a purpose!