Public Affairs

The Public Affairs division oversees communication processes between Authority Health and its stakeholders. Our services include news and social media relations, community relations, and policy advocacy. We produce an annual community report (filed in the documents section), a monthly newsletter, and policy statements related to our mission. We are engaged in several community initiatives related to public health and human services that support health.

Legacy DMC is looking for input from community stakeholders as it prepares to negotiate a new charity care policy with the Detroit Medical Center.

2019 Legacy DMC Report

*To inquire about past Legacy DMC reports, please email

In addition to public relations activities, this division also coordinates the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship – Detroit Chapter, a leadership service-learning experience for health and human service graduate students in Detroit and other underserved communities. This program is open to universities throughout Southeast Michigan.

Dennis Archambault
Vice President, Public Affairs

Lee Watson
Manager, Public Relations

Shelley Golsky
Administrative Assistant