Mindfulness Through Our Own Autonomy

By Artina Dozier-Gage
We are pleased to announce that Students from Hope Academy will now have the opportunity to participate in afterschool activities focused on supporting mental health and well-being. Hope Family Health Center will implement the Mindful Performance Therapy Project, a program involving body movement geared towards helping kids with emotional management.
The primary goal of the program is for kids to learn techniques through specific types body movement that can help to reduce feelings of fear, worry, panic, etc. by creating a mental state of mind that centers one in the moment.
In addition to partnering with Diana and Chad Volant of StrenghRX, the Hope Family Health Center has also partnered with Regina Crittenden-Byas of Simply Well Yoga to further expand kids’ access to learn ways of creating well-being for themselves through their own bodies and autonomy.
As always the backbone of these programs offered at Hope Family Health Center are Nurse Denita Johnson and Adrienne Davis who will help to implement the afterschool program.
Special thanks to The Children’s Foundation for their continued support in making programs such as this one possible.