Statement in Support of HB 5868 and HB 5969

Michigan’s opioid dependence and substance use disorder crisis continues to be a major health issue, which may have been overlooked during efforts to address the coronavirus pandemic. HB 5968 and HB 5969 offer two processes that will assist us in the care of patients with this serious health concern.

The Opioid Healing and Recovery Fund will provide a good source of supplemental funds to create programs that assist practitioners to help people in need.

Similarly, the Opioid Advisory Commission will provide excellent oversight, especially in addressing disparities in access to health care, a concern we at Authority Health feel strongly about. Those disparities will be addressed in terms of access to prevention, treatment, recovery, harm reduction programs, and other initiatives.

We strongly support the passage of both HB 5968 and HB 5969.



Loretta V. Bush, MSHA, President & CEO, Authority Health


Hassan Saghir, M.D. Board-Certified Addiction Medicine

Lead physician for Medication Assisted Therapy

Authority Health Popoff Family Health Center

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