Podcast Explores the Complexity of Obesity from a Historical and Sociological Perspective

By Dennis Archambault

Obesity is a perplexing disease state that contributes to many chronic conditions, especially diabetes and heart disease. Understanding it from a biological and behavioral perspective has a considerable challenge for health providers. Locally, Authority Health, together with several agencies and health professionals who are invested in addressing this condition, meet quarterly as the MOTION Coalition. The Coalition is both informational for members and an advocacy movement in Michigan.

William Dietz, M.D., a renowned pediatrician from The George Washington University, who has focused his career on obesity, has served as co-chair of the MOTION Coalition for several years. At the most recently quarterly meeting of the Coalition, Dr. Dietz addressed new guidelines by the American Academy of Pediatrics for treating obesity.

The Commonwealth Foundation sponsors a podcast called “The Dose,” which focuses on health – most recently on health equity. In this program, host Joel Bervell interviews Dr. Fatima Cody Standford from Massachusetts General Hospital, who offers considerable insight into the disease and the current understanding of social issues impacting how the condition is managed. Listen to the podcast here.

For more information on the MOTION Coalition, contact Dr. Prashanti M. Boinapally, M.D., MSc, director of Programs and Quality at Authority Health at pboinapally@authorityhealth.org. Dr. Boinapally coordinates the MOTION Coalition.

Dennis Archambault is vice president of Public Affairs for Authority Health.

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