Bike to…everywhere!

By Dennis Archambaut

On May 2, it was “Bike to School” day. And on May 20, it was “Bike to Work” day. The Detroit Greenways Coalition, which would like to say that every day is a “bike to” day, has proclaimed “Bike to Everywhere Day.”

Cycling is often polarized for racers and marathoners on the extreme end and child’s play on the opposite end. The Slow Roll popularized riding for adults in the middle a few years ago, and bike manufacturers have responded with retro designs, and bikes manufacturers for varying abilities, including recumbent bikes. (I ride the equivalent of a moving stationary bike – but at least I’m moving.)

Whether we bike to work, school, or no particular place, it’s one option to staying in motion, which is one of the keys to staying healthy.

Check out the Detroit Greenways for custom socks and ride everywhere this summer. (Maybe even in the fall…)

Dennis Archambault is vice president of Public Affairs for Authority Health and makes a point of riding nowhere in particular as often as possible.