“At its core, humanitarianism is seeing a gap in one’s community…”

“The youth in the community are a vital resource that must be protected, nourished. and loved.”

Excerpts from Claire Hawthorne’s essay on humanitarianism.

CLAIRE HAWTHORNE is a Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine student and Albert Schweitzer Fellow. Her work at Hope Family Health Center combines mentorship and peer-to-peer education to support middle school students.

A goal of her project is to teach students about the concepts of health literacy, health disparity and inequity, and basic research methodology.

One of the metrics she’s using to determine a successful project outcome is for students to able to use the knowledge they’ve gained to “identify health topics that are most pertinent to themselves and their peers, engage credible resources of health information, and turn this information into interesting presentations that they can present to their peers and surrounding community members.”

To read more about Claire’s community work with Hope Family Health Center‘s Youth Advisory Committee (YAC) click here. If you have questions about Hope Family Health Center’s YAC or the adult Community Advisory Committee (CAC) for the Nardin Park community please contact Dr. Prashanti Boinapally, Authority Health’s Director of Programs and Quality.

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