Wayne County Health Data Portal

The Health Data Portal for Wayne County can be used to identify health and social determinant data for Wayne County and its component cities, zip codes and census tracts. In this portal , there are profile pages for city and zip code level geographies to easily visualize health outcomes, social, economic, and environmental factors. This information can be used to better match programs and services with specific populations, identify mismatches between resources and outcomes, and better serve population health needs in the interest of improving health equity.

Some examples of ways the portal can be used include:

  • To collect data for funding opportunities/grant applications
  • To locate community resources available to fill a specific need
  • To identify patterns and trends  to inform research
  • To justify and increase budgets for specific programs
  • To produce IRS-mandated community health needs assessments (CHNAs)

Whenever possible, the health-related data is available at the zip code and/or census tract level to allow users to make the most informed decisions for their communities.

Tobenna Anens, Data Analyst